Top 5 Importance Of Travel Insurance | Reasons Why You Should Buy Travel Insurance

Top 5 Importance Of Travel Insurance | Reasons Why You Should Buy Travel Insurance

We go overseas frequently, but do we always choose to purchase travel insurance? We are continuously asking ourselves different questions, such as: is travel insurance necessary? Are plans worth it? or is there any use in purchasing travel insurance when we can always be cautious and aware of our surroundings? To these inquiries, the response would be, “Life is full of uncertainties.” There are risks associated with traveling, whether you are traveling alone or with your family. These dangers may be connected to your vital documents, luggage, or health. To guarantee a hassle-free travel itinerary, it is crucial to address all potential dangers prior to departure. When traveling to a foreign country where you are unfamiliar, a solid travel insurance policy can reduce your financial risks and assist you.

Understanding Travel Insurance:


One of the most important purchases a person can make when deciding to travel is travel insurance. When traveling abroad, travel insurance takes on a special significance due to the range of dangers it covers.

Flight delays, medical risks, and travel hazards are usually covered under a travel insurance policy. Travel insurance, to put it briefly, is the kind of insurance that pays for expenses and losses related to travel.
It provides safety for people who travel both locally and abroad.

Reasons Why You Should Buy Travel Insurance:

Understanding the importance of travel insurance helps you answer the question “Why buy travel insurance?” Reasons will be found.


Fell ill:

Even though we all take care to make sure our holidays go as planned, things in life don’t always go as expected. It will cost you a fortune if you become ill unexpectedly and require immediate medical attention while traveling. There will be a financial imbalance as a result of medical and hospital costs. When planning an international trip, it is crucial to choose travel insurance policies because the majority of them cover hospitalized costs in the event of illness.


Delay or loss of checked baggage:

Travel insurance also covers situations where your checked-in luggage is delayed or misplaced during transportation. Travel insurance could come in handy in these situations because airlines frequently give bad service, ask you to wait 24 hours, or just keep trying to find the luggage.


Flight delay:

When traveling abroad, flight delays or rescheduling are frequent occurrences. Should the aircraft experience a delay exceeding six hours, we will reimburse the amount spent on meals, refreshments, and other purchases, provided that bills are submitted.


Losing a passport or other important document:

If the insured person’s passport is misplaced, they will receive reimbursement for the real costs of getting a new or duplicate passport.


Personal Accident:

In the event of a personal accident, HDFC ERGO provides benefits for the insured individual’s accidental death or permanent total disability.


Financial security for foreign trips:

Imagine that you are on your first vacation to a beautiful area abroad. What would you do if your wallet or baggage were stolen? This is when the coverage under your travel insurance kicks in. Should an emergency arise, such as theft, your travel insurance provider will help you by providing financial support to address the problem.


Missed Connecting Flight:

You may be able to get reimbursed for the costs of the missed connecting flight if you have travel insurance and you happen to miss your connecting flight due to circumstances beyond your control, such as an early departure.
Do you still wonder if getting travel insurance is necessary? Always make sure you have the appropriate insurance for travel to avoid any problems.


Many other benefits:

The following are covered: emergency dental care, loss of personal documents and bags, repatriation, delayed or lost checked baggage, personal liability, and hijack distress allowance.
These are the primary advantages of having travel insurance; additional coverage varies based on the country, length of trip, and number of covered individuals.



These are only a handful of the numerous elements found in contemporary travel insurance. When organizing a large trip, don’t overlook the terms and conditions; keep in mind that these insurance policies vary from business to business and nation to nation.