Top 5 Lifetime Free Credit Cards Without Income Proof

Top 5 Lifetime Free Credit Cards Without Income Proof

Whether you’re a student or a housewife and don’t have income proof, and you’re searching for a credit card without income proof, you are at the right place! So in 2024 which credit card should you go for, and what points should you look forward to, everything is discussed further.

1. IndusInd Bank Rupay Credit Card:

It is a lifetime-free credit card, you don’t have to pay any charges. This credit card is available on the Rupay network. You can also link it with your UPI. You’ll get multiple reward points that are up to 2x.

These Rupay credit cards are widely accepted across India.

These are secured with a Tap-and-Pay facility.

Its minimum Limit can range up to Rs 10000 to Rs 25000.
Its maximum Limit can range up to Rs 1 lac to 3 lac.


2. SBI Simply Click Credit Card:

After the bank verification, you can instantly get this Credit Card.

You’ll get 10x reward points that are direct 2.5% of cashback which you can use at different brands that are their partners. Also, you can use it anywhere whether it’s their partner brand or not, you’ll get 5x reward point.

The minimum age requirement for this credit card is 21 years.
This credit card is specifically designed for those people who mostly do online transactions.


3. IDFC First Bank’s Wow Credit Card:

I know, you must be confused about whether we have to take it on a fixed deposit so why shouldn’t I use that money directly? Well, hold on let me clear this up, basically, we have 5 options for credit cards which I’m gonna be tell you further that will include credit cards without a Fixed deposit, any 18+ can apply for that credit card.


Why choose WOW Credit Card?

It is a type of credit card that is lifetime free and neither requires a Cibil score nor income proof but you just need to make a Fixed Deposit.
The bank has to maintain a credit report so if you’re not into credit cards that much or you’re getting a credit card for the first time then it is preferred you should take a FD.

The minimum FD starting amount is Rs 5000, the limit is 100%, you’ll get all of it, and the rate of interest is 7.5%.


4. Onecard Credit Card:

Now here, it is about if you have a good credit score then you can get it for a lifetime free, and you do that too without any Fixed Deposit but if you don’t have any cibil then you h3. ave to make a Fixed Deposit for this Credit card.
If you’re going for FD then there are two types of credit cards one is the PBC variant in which the minimum starting amount is Rs 5000 and the rate of interest is about 7%. You can apply for this credit card if you are 18+. Limit is 100% here.

NOTE- if you’re applying then select SELF EMPLOYED at the place of STUDENT to get the card more easily and fast.


5. Kotak Mahindra Bank’s 811 Dream Different Credit Card:

It is a lifetime-free Credit card, you need to have a Fixed Deposit, no income proof, and cibil score required for this credit card.

The minimum FD amount will range from Rs 5000 to Rs 10000 depending upon the account and how you make the deposit.

The Limit is 90%, that is you’ll get 90% of your FD depending upon the deposited amount.



it’s not always about free credit cards it’s about building a good cibil. also, Make sure to go through their terms and conditions while applying for any credit card to avoid any further issues.