PNB EaseMyTrip Rupay Credit Card Review | Benefits & Charges

PNB EaseMyTrip Rupay Credit Card Review | Benefits & Charges

Punjab National Bank (PNB) has recently launched its co-branded credit card the EaseMyTrip Rupay Credit Card in collaboration with a popular travel brand which offers a booking platform, EaseMyTrip, this partnership follows PNB’s previous success with the Patanjali co-branded card, which was like by the customers.

The PNB EaseMyTrip (EMT) Credit Card is made to provide an easy and hazel-free card experience, it’s all about making the travel experience of the customers awesome. So, let’s dive into the benefits and all the required charges for this Credit Card.

The PNB EMT Credit card offers new users many benefits worth ₹3000. It’s more of an invite for new users to join. These benefits are best to be used for flight bookings, hotel stays, holiday planning and more. And guess what? The first activation of your card gets you 300 Reward Points instantly. Welcoming you to start your journey with a nice bonus.

To get this special card and start your saving travel adventure, all you have got to do is pay a joining fee of ₹2,000. It’s like getting the ticket to a world of exclusive saving benefits made just for people who love to travel. This fee is a small amount of a great deal presented to you and especially for those who enjoy exploring new places. The PNB EMT Credit Card is made for people who love to travel. It comes with lots of great benefits to make your travel experience even better.


Getting Amazing Cashback Offers:

With the PNB EMT Credit Card, you can get money back on up to four transactions every month. These transactions include booking flights, hotels, or holiday packages. It’s a great way to save some money, especially if you travel a lot.


Offering Amazing Discounts:

The PNB EMT Credit Card can fetch you good discounts that make your travel much cheaper:

  • You get up to 10% off or up to ₹1,000 off on bookings of domestic, regardless of how much you spend.
  • You also enjoy a 10% discount or up to ₹500 off on booking international flights, and no need for minimum spend requirements.
  • Straight 20% off or up to ₹5,000 off on bookings of domestic hotels, with no spending limit.
  • Avail a 20% discount or up to ₹10,000 off on bookings of international hotels, with no minimum spending requirements.
  • You also get ₹125 off on bus bookings with a minimum spend of ₹500.

All these offers make your travel plans cost much less and help you save quite a lot on regular travel.


Free Lounge Access:

You can avail of free lounge access for your domestic and international lounges, you can avail it for a maximum of two visits each quarter to domestic lounges and the same for international lounges.


Insurance Benefits:

This PNB EMT Credit Card offers you insurance coverage as well as up to ₹2 lakhs for accidental deaths and in case of total disability for the travellers’ peace of mind.



The Punjab National Bank EaseMyTrip credit card is the go-to card for people who travel frequently for work or leisure, or in general for people who love to travel a lot. Imagine saving time you travel and getting benefits from travelling a lot. The charge you pay to join is just a minuscule amount for the benefits that you gain.