5 best Forex Card In India For International Travel 2024

5 best Forex Card In India For International Travel 2024

If you are planning for an abroad trip and looking for some best Forex cards in India for 2024 then you are in the right place. When you are travelling abroad using your normal credit card might create some issues due to its extra charges for International market transactions. But you don’t need to worry because forex is specially designed for international transactions.

This article will give you the names of some of the best Forex cards which don’t charge any extra amount form you.


1. Book My Forex YES Bank Forex Card:

This special card, made in partnership with YES Bank, lets you use 14 different currencies without any extra fees. Getting the card is free, and taking out cash only costs USD 2 plus taxes. You also get cool extras like a free international SIM card, insurance, and an easy-to-use app for handling your spending. Plus, there are special deals, like discounts on EazyDiner when you spend over INR 1,000.


2. Axis Bank Multi-Currency Forex Card:

Axis Bank has a special card that works in 16 different currencies, and to join, you pay INR 300. When you use it in a different currency, there’s a 3.5% fee. The good things about the card are that you get cashback on roaming packs, and they help you out 24/7 in emergencies. If you have a specific account, you don’t need to pay to get the card, and it comes with extra help for your travels. You can load many currencies at once, and the card will automatically pick the right one based on where you are.


3. Standard Chartered Forex Cord:

This card stands out because it lets you load money in 20 different currencies. It’s a good choice for students and people who travel a lot, and you only pay a small fee of INR 299 to get it. Applying for the card is pretty straightforward, but you might need to have an account with Standard Chartered Bank. The cost isn’t the cheapest, with a 3.5% extra charge on the regular exchange rates. However, you can handle everything easily using the bank’s mobile app and online banking.


4. ICICI Bank Student Forex Prepaid Card:

The ICICI Bank Student Forex Prepaid Card is for students heading to the USA for studies. It costs INR 499 plus taxes to get the card. You can use it for transactions in USD, but there’s a 3.5% extra fee. As a student, you get welcome benefits of up to INR 5,000, insurance coverage, and protection from any unauthorised charges.


5. State Bank Multi-Currency Foreign Travel Card:

The State Bank Multi-Currency Foreign Travel Card is a good option for travellers because it only costs INR 100 plus taxes to get, and there’s no yearly fee. It works with 7 currencies (USD, Euro, Pound, SGD, CAD, AED, and AUD), and there’s no extra charge when you use the currency loaded on the card. If you use a different currency, there’s a 3% fee. Overall, it’s a wallet-friendly choice for flexible travellers.

So if you are planning for an International trip in 2024 then choosing the right Forex card can make your journey smoother. Each card mentioned above comes with its own perks, like no extra fees, cashback, and easy management. Consider these options to enjoy a cost-effective and convenient travel experience.